Light for Orah

This website is dedicated to helping in the full recovery of Orah Mital Habosha. At age 15, Orah Mital suffered a traumatic brain injury in a tragic car accident. Since that fateful day, she has been struggling to do all the things that used to come so easily to her. For the past nine and a half years she has not been able to communicate properly with her family and friends. Recovery from a traumatic brain injury is a very long and trying road. It requires expensive treatments and therapy sessions, as well as ceaseless patience and unwavering faith. Orah Mital continues to amaze us all with her strength and courage to keep on trying.

Orah Mital is no longer able to receive therapy from the Board of Ed services. Her family is working tirelessly to come up with the funds to continue securing the best therapy and care for Orah Mital. It is imperative that Orah Mital continues getting the financial support that is needed for her to continue her therapy. She deserves to be given the chance to advance on her road to recovery. She has not given up until now and neither should we! Please help us help her!

It is extremely crucial that Orah Mital continues to get the financial support she deserves. That is why we have started Light For Orah. Its aim is to raise awareness of this situation and try to continue giving Orah Mital the proper care and support she desperately needs.

Orah Mital remains a constant shining light for those fortunate enough to know her; with her underlying faith in G-d and strength of character. We now have the opportunity to brighten up her world by giving her our support. We have set up a donation page on this site; any amount you can contribute would be a great help. All the money that is raised will go directly towards Orah Mital’s care, to help her continue on her road to recovery.

Thank you so much for taking the time and visiting our site! All this support and love for Orah Mital will surely make a difference!


It is a Jewish custom on Friday night, before sundown, for women to light a candle and bring in the holy Shabbat. It is our time to add a little bit of light into this world. During these few precious moments we have a special opportunity to ask G-d for anything that we want or need. Please take a moment of your time to think about Orah Mital and pray for her to have a speedy recovery.

Orah Mital continues to be a constant shining light with her amazing faith and strength of character. Every Friday you can click on the link below, enter your zip code, and find out what time the Shabbat starts in your area. May we all be blessed to see more light in our lives.