Keep Up With Orah Mital

Now you can keep up with all of the wonderful progress of Orah Mital’s recovery. You can check our website for updates and special events we will have in her honor.

Newest Update: August 7, 2015 This past June, Orah Mital’s case was reviewed by the IBRF (International Brain Research Foundation.) Her test results were reviewed by a group of ten doctors and the results were very positive. They see a lot of potential and have instructed us to purchase two new therapy machines.  Orah Mital started using the first machine this past week!

Newest Update: May 12, 2015  Sorry it’s been such a long time since we have posted an update here! We have been updating lots on our facebook page but we definitely want to keep this site updated as well! This past month has been filled with exciting things. Orah Mital went to her sister’s lichaim (engagement party:)  A huge Mazel tov to her amazing and dedicated sister Chani! Orah Mital tried on some beautiful gowns already..we are still on the gown hunt:) Today I went with Orah Mital to her physical therapy session, she worked really hard! She started off with the usual stretches then went on to working on the board vibration which gives sensory input to her body while working on her balance. She also was on the arm bike for half hour which helps her have more range of motion and strengthens her muscle coordination.

Newest Update: December 11, 2014 It’s been a while since we last updated so just wanted to fill you all in! Orah Mital has been pretty much keeping up with her physical therapy schedule. She missed a session last week due to an eye infection but thank G-d her eye is doing better and she’s back on schedule with her therapy. She went today and worked with her therapist  Christine on the arm bike to work on more active hand movement. She did really great at this exercise.

Newest update: November 26, 2014 Hope everyone enjoys their thanksgiving:) Everyday we are extremely grateful to everyone who donates to our Rootfunding Campaign and continues helping us give Orah Mital the proper care she needs! We are thankful to all of you for continuing to follow Orah Mital on her road to recovery and for keeping her in your prayers!

Newest Update: October 8th, 2014 Wow! What an amazing month it was to see everyone purchasing their tickets before our raffle. Thanks to you all we were able to raise more money to continue sending Orah Mital to her therapies. Every dollar counts!  It will be Orah Mital’s birthday this Friday, she will be turning 23:) Her new kapital of Tehilim will be perek chof daled. We are very grateful to everyone who keeps Orah Mital in their prayers! She has been getting more alert each day, I was watching  a movie with Orah Mital recently and she was not taking her eyes off the screen…:) Orah Mital has  practicing with her physical therapist a lot of stretching. This exercise strengthens the muscles in her fingers and arms. Her hands are a lot more relaxed while clasping the bar from when she first started this exercise.

Newest Update: September 16, 2014 Orah Mital has really been more alert and very much aware of her surroundings! She has been going to her physical therapy sessions through out the summer.  Today Orah mital was a little bit under the weather from her cold but she was very alert during therapy. She had an extra busy physical therapy schedule with her weekly exercise and a fitting for her new leg braces with her orthopedic Dr. Marc Werner. With the help of the new leg braces we hope to see better leg coordination! We are very grateful to all you guys for staying up to date with Orah Mital’s progress and all those amazing people who continue to partake in our fundraisers and purchased tickets for our upcoming raffle! Today I read to Orah Mital all the beautiful messages people have left with their donations!

Newest Update: July 17, 2014 Orah Mital is enjoying the summer sunshine with her weekly walks outside:) She enjoys the walks she takes with her nurse aid. She loves being in the sun! She is keeping up with her weekly therapy sessions through out the summer, her therapist focused on side sitting and head control this week. She works hard during these sessions!! With this consistent method and practice we see how much more relaxed Orah Mital is during her stretching!

Newest Update:  May 28, 2014 Orah Mital had a very long and intense physical therapy session yesterday, but she pushed through!  She wore her hand braces for over an hour (Which helps stretch and relax her fingers while strengthening her grip.) She also practiced standing, sitting and head control.  She has been holding her head up on her own for longer periods of time:)  Last week  during therapy Orah Mital was working at swallowing her granola and cinnamon mix (level 2 on solid foods!!) Then came dessert – Chocolate! Let’s just say she was very motivated to chew.

Newest Update:  April 27, 2014 We are sorry we haven’t been posting updates here in a while! We have been posting weekly updates and pictures on our Facebook page but we will continue to once again update here. We are humbled by all the positive feedback we have been receiving. It definitely helps give Orah Mital that extra strength she needs, she has been working extra hard during therapy.

Newest update:July 16th, 2013 Orah Mital has been doing much better with her head control standing in her stander. We are so proud of her progress!

Newest update: June 23rd ,2013 Orah Mital has had a busy month of therapy, as well as trying on gowns for her brother’s wedding! She has been staying awake for most part of her Brain Core therapy sessions these past few weeks, especially when we put on Harry Potter! Orah Mital attended her brother’s wedding this past week and looked beautiful! She definitely enjoyed dancing with the bride:)

Newest update: May 20th, 2013 This past week Orah Mital had a great brain core therapy session. The doctor put on a cartoon at first and Orah Mital fell asleep. As soon as the doctor changed the film to a “chick flick”, Orah Mital was up and stayed awake for the rest of the session. She has been eating at least one jar of food per day and she started eating yogurt and assorted soft foods; she LOVED it 🙂


It is a Jewish custom on Friday night, before sundown, for women to light a candle and bring in the holy Shabbat. It is our time to add a little bit of light into this world. During these few precious moments we have a special opportunity to ask G-d for anything that we want or need. Please take a moment of your time to think about Orah Mital and pray for her to have a speedy recovery.

Orah Mital continues to be a constant shining light with her amazing faith and strength of character. Every Friday you can click on the link below, enter your zip code, and find out what time the Shabbat starts in your area. May we all be blessed to see more light in our lives.