In the future, G-d willing, we are planning to host a variety of fund-raising events in honor of Orah Mital’s speedy recovery. The money we hope to raise at these events will go directly to help ease her family’s financial burden so that they can continue to do all they can for Orah Mital. Please check our website frequently to stay updated on the latest news of Orah Mitals’ recovery, as well as any information we have on events planned! Thank you so much for your continued support!

March 2017- In Honor of March (Brain Injury awareness month) we have organized an online auction that will be live through out the whole month. Only $10.00 a ticket for all items! Winners will be announced on April 6th. To purchase tickets: https://secure.usaepay.com/interface/epayform/79fSGz6SJ79oBF2228ndXt055a9mf87O/ That’s 5x the chance to win, 5x the fun, 5x the chance to help spread awareness for brain injury. Thank you so much to all the amazing people that have purchased tickets! Together our voices have and will continue to make a difference. <3

Update: The winners have been picked and you can watch the live drawing on our facebook page Lightfororah! Here are the winners listed in order of the items! 1)Yehudis Baitz 2) Devorah Ascher 3) Devorah Schapiro 4) Susan Rahmani 5) Elke Morozow

December 18, 2016- It’s time for our Chanukah Giveaway to the most amazing and loyal people who continue to brighten up Orah Mital’s world with your continuos support by donating or sharing and spreading awareness. Follow the steps below to enter our raffle to win a $50.00 gift card to bagels n greens! Good luck <3


July 10th, 2014- We are very excited to announce our upcoming raffle!!!!

We will iy’h be raffling off an Ipad air! All the proceeds will go towards helping Orah Mital (a 22 year old girl who is recovering from a traumatic brain injury as a result of an horrific car accident seven years ago) continue her therapies that contribute to her recovery tremendously. For the past four and a half years Orah Mital has been going to weekly therapy sessions. It’s consistency and back to basic methods have helped strengthen her muscle coordination and range of motion, as well as her head control. It’s a slow but steady improvement. Now we need your help!! Orah Mital is no longer funded by the Board of Ed Services due to her age. All the money raised will go towards her weekly therapy sessions and all the special medicines and foods that she needs for her daily routine. Raffle will be drawn on September 8th. We are starting to sell tickets today:) $20.00 for one ticket and $50.00 for three.There are two simple methods of purchasing tickets.
-Rootfunding campaign-
To donate via credit/ debit card through a secure site please click on this link www.tinyurl.com/orahmital and comment how many tickets you purchased.
Please select “Gift” and send your donation to support@lightfororah.com and comment the amount of tickets you purchased. Don’t forget to share this link and help spread the word:) For any questions regarding a donation feel free to call 917-587-7061 or email us at support@lightfororah.com. For any more information or progress update on Orah Mital visit www.lightfororah.com

Orah-mital (1)

*Octoboer 1, – A winner was picked…congratulations to Joseph Setton on winning the ipad air!! A big thank you to all who purchased a ticket,  so thankful for all the donations that helps us keep sending  Orah Mital to her therapies

OM_Auction2013 (1)

December 6, 2013-Thank you so much to everyone who came to our Chinese Auction !! It means so much to Orah Mital and us! It’s heartwarming to see how many people love and want to help Orah Mital on her road to a full and speedy recovery! We would like to personally thank and send our love to everyone who helped make this event as special as it was!!

Winners of the Chinese auction!
*Jackpot-=Chana Greenberg
*1-Ipad = Joseph Chaim
*2-Kindle=Elana Lackner
*3-Women’s Package= Michal Hecht
*4-Dine Out= D.S.
*5-Sweet Tooth= Basya Wuensch
*6-Simcha Package=Yehuds Baitch
*7-Digital Camera= Sophia Bolotina

It is a Jewish custom on Friday night, before sundown, for women to light a candle and bring in the holy Shabbat. It is our time to add a little bit of light into this world. During these few precious moments we have a special opportunity to ask G-d for anything that we want or need. Please take a moment of your time to think about Orah Mital and pray for her to have a speedy recovery.

Orah Mital continues to be a constant shining light with her amazing faith and strength of character. Every Friday you can click on the link below, enter your zip code, and find out what time the Shabbat starts in your area. May we all be blessed to see more light in our lives.